• Invitation to the Meeting about the Trip to Wales

    Welcome to the meeting about our trip to the Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza! 
    From May 3-7, we visited one of the world's oldest Victorian festivals, the Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza in Wales. i Wales.
    We went there to get inspired and develop our own festival in Marstrand. We have documented the most beautiful moments from the trip and would love to share them with you. 
    Welcome to the Techne stage at Mimers Hus at 6:00 PM on June 18. Refreshments will be provided. 
    See you on June 18!

  • Annual meeting

    The annual meeting was a delight with the farewell of two beloved members. Thank you for your contributions to the Victorian Days.

    We also had a visit from Thomas van der Heiden who can make anyone eager to get a boat!

  • Lecture with Thomas van der Heiden and the annual meeting.

    The Victorian days will hold its annual meeting at 3:00 PM at the Havshotel, and after the annual meeting, there will be an opportunity to attend the lecture with Thomas. Everyone is welcome to our annual meeting.

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