Our heroes

Without these heroes our festival would have been nothing. We have great gratidue to you.

All the youths who work at the festival with singing, dancing, theatre, documenting and playing with the children who visit the festival.
Anders Arnell alias King Oscar II
Anette Sörgren from the Swedish 1800s party
Britt Johansson with her lovely T-fords
Christina Svensson who knows everything about Marstrand and does a gudied tour in chruch on Marstrand
Cynthia Persson who plays both Lice-Anna and Selma Lagerlöf
and Marion Larsson who plays the friend of Cynthia
Eiwe Svanberg who is commander of the fortress
Göran Kristensson who does tours on Marstrand
Julia who rides Shirehorses
Mats Erasmie and his lecture about the emigration in the 1800's
Mikael Thomasson the storyteller
Staffan Karlsson and his car "Gustaf V's hunting car"

Recurring salespeople at our fair

Mimmi Textil – https://www.mimmitextil.se/
Fårgården i Stala – http://www.fargarden.se/
Töllås Fårgård – https://fargard.se/
Repslagarmuséet – https://repslagarbanan.se/
Osthyveln – https://cheeseonwheels.se/
Cc ́s havtorns delikatesser – http://www.cclaxhavtorn.se/
Marstrands Hembygdsförening – https://www.hembygd.se/marstrand

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